TPL 2010

Tokyo Premier League (TPL) 2010 - Fixtures
Notice: Tournament has been rescheduled to be one day event (1st May) due to heavy rain as well as unavailibility of few teams on 2nd of May.
Match Overs Fixture Ground Result
1st Match - 08:00 JST 10 Okachimachi Knight Riders vs MIB - I Ground - I W1
2nd Match - 08:00 JST 10 Royal Blues vs Gyarah Kasai Ground - II W2
3rd Match - 09:45 JST 10 Yashio Yorkers vs Chiba Daredevils Ground - I W3
4th Match - 09:45 JST 10 Mayoden vs MIB -II Ground - II W4
Semi Final - 11:30 JST 10 W1 vs W3 Ground - I W5 & L5
Semi Final - 13:00 JST 10 W2 vs W4 Ground - I W6 & L6
Final - 15:00 JST 10 W5 vs W6 Ground - I 1st & 2nd
3rd Place : Will be decided based on the best NRR of L5 & L6
1) Two overs per bowler.
2) All team players needs to be present 30 mins before match schedule.
3) One over will be reduced for every 5 mins delay.
4) Toss will be done 15 mins before match.
Team Registration: 5500 Yen/Team
Below is the nearest address for the place
Edogawa Hospital
2-24-18, Higashi Koiwa
Tel: 336731221
Map & Direction:
Bus access from Mizue station (on Toei Shinjuku Line) or Koiwa station to cricket ground.
Kesei Bus #72 (for Edogawa Sports Land)
Stop : Edogawa Byooin (Edogawa Hospital)
1) Map for Koiwa Ground
2) Direction from Bus Stop
3) Direction for Parking