Sakura – Japan’s National Flower

one sakuraWhat is in this “small white flower”
that it is given status of a “National Flower” ?
Well, I do not know if there is any historical reason. All the people in this nation, including foreigners,
simply love this flower.
If you compare Sakura with rose, debatably, rose
will seem to be more beautiful. Then why on the earth, all Japanese and foreigners, like Sakura
so much ?
one rose
This flower is almost never seen as just one flower. In the sakura season, one Sakura tree
will be loaded with thousands of flowers, with nothing else but the flowers.
sakura ke nicheGo to any park with hundreads of Sakura trees
and the site is simply beautiful.
Sakura shows up for only 10 days in the year – during late March or early April. Spring
is in the air – day is much longer and warmer. People want to throw away their jackets and
move around. Hanami or flower watching is the right way to get into the summer mood.Indian Embassy in
 is located at a perfect location. There are many Sakura trees around. There are many Indian food stalls
selling home made Indian food. This is a good chance to see many Indians at one place.

What do Japanese people do ? Buy lot of food & beer – find a sakura tree and sit under that
tree for a complete day !!! People normally sit in groups. Some people get there music system and enjoy
KARAOKE with their friends. People are really enjoying. It is fun to see so many people out there.
crowd & flags