Rainforest cafe

We visited a restaurant called Rainforest Cafe. It is located near Tokyo Disneyland. Go by route 357 and follow directions for disneyland and then for IKISPIARI. Thanks to Amit Khare-san for recommendating this to us.


We went there by car. The parking there was the valet type. Here the valet or the parking manager parks the car for you. Then we entered an area where there are restaurants, shops etc. There is a place inside the building where if you speek then your voice will get magnified.

The restaurant was pretty big. There was a roof like thing on which sat a huge butterfly. There was a shop in front. If you walked through the shop then you can see the entrance to the restaurant.

The restaurant looked beautiful. It had canopies, trees and even wild animals there (all fake ... you will be safe).We sat in the seat where the sofa was decorated with lions and a chameleon was on the wall behind us! Plus, an elephant across us kept on blinking and moving its head from time to time.

We also saw a monkey swinging on a tree and another one shaking a tree.

We ordered two pizzas, 1 kids set, salad, tandoori chicken and seafood platter.

There was a drink bar where the chairs were of animal legs and tails

We then ate kakikori and icecream at another shop and went home.