Osaka and Tokushima

Thanks to Mr and Mrs Nadkar for providing useful information and links.

We started early in the morning for Osaka. We reached Osaka around 4 PM and visited Osaka castle. Please check the timings before you visit as timings might change based on season.

After that we checked-in Hotel New Osaka shinsaibashi [].

We could find an Indian restaurant near above hotel:

We spent whole next day in Osaka Universal Studio Japan. All the rides and shows were thrilling. To reduce our waiting time and enjoy maximun attractions we bought express booklet for 7 attractions. Express booklet is same as fast pass in Disney land. But we need to pay extra money for express booklet. USJ sells limited express booklets per day so be sure to reach there before opening time.


Next day we went to Naruto to see whirpools in the Naruto Straits. Then we went to Naruto Koen and took an escalator to top of Eska Hills.

Enter phone number 088-687-0101 in car navigator to see if it shows correct place [Naruto Koen area]. We could not see big one because we missed the timing for high tides due to traffic jam. But we liked the walkway constructed under the bridge called uzu no michi from where you can see whirlpools from the top through big glass windows on the bridge floor.

Make sure to reach an hour before the tigh tide timings. New moon days and full moon days are the best. Red colored ones recommended in below link are the best:

After spending full day there we checked into the hotel next to Tokushima station.

We could find an Indian restaurant in Tokushima Station shopping coplex:

Next day we went to Oboke. Took boat ride. We saw people enjoying rafting. If you want to do rafting must keep one whole day only for rafting. Resevation is required for rafting.

Then we went to see vine bridge in Iya vally about 12 Km from Oboke. It was very thrilling experience to cross the swinging bridge.

Kids had fun playing in the river water under the bridge. There is also one water fall nearby. Kids also took a small lady bug ride shown below but we forgot to note down the name:

Came back to Tokushima hotel by late evening.

Car navigator could recognize all the locations we visited by phone numbers given in above links.

Only the problem is expressway connecting Tokushima and Oboke is one lane express way. If any problem occurs on the only lane then they have to close it. In such cases having good map with you is advisable.