A must have iPhone application for Kanji students : iquestionbanks Kanji 1 If you find indomachi.com useful - you will find this iPhone app useful as well.

Get the 8 GB iPhone for free [2 year contract]. Check out SoftBank site for pricing.  SoftBank will help you upload your current mobile phone contacts to their server. Check out http://mb.softbank.jp/mb/iphone_en/pdc/ You can download those back to your iPhone using their iPhone application. I could easily sync those contacts & calendar to my mac mini account.

Speaker phone and conferencing facility in iPhone is really cool. It is possible to send SMS from India to your iPhone in Japan. We have already tried this. Please check with your agents in India if this is not working for you [the phone in India needs to be enabled with international roaming service or something similar].

After using applications developed by others - I put in my first application App Store. Please take a look at below:


Here is a list of must-have cool FREE iPhone applications [Thanks to Rajesh Shanbhag, Ashish Gupta and Anandsagar Shiralkar and Mukund for recommending the applications.]:

  • Stanza and Wattpad:  Search, download and read free books. Download is superfast and reader is really cool. Really good use of iPhone and you can make good use of your subway travel.
  • ShoZu : upload photos to facebook / picasa and many other sites. You can take a photo and immediately upload it to picasa. This way your picasa album is getting ready in real-time.
  • SHOUTcast: Internet Radio [Madhur Sangeet is my favourite station]
  • Here I am: email your current location to your friends. When your friends click on the link - it shows your current approximate location on the map. If you a visit a place and like it - send yourself an email which acts like placemark for you.
  • iTalk: recorder is really useful to take quick audio notes.
  • Handshake: share contact with your friend. Avoid typos while sharing the contacts. Needs both send and receiver to have this application installed. I think it's kind of cool way to share contacts [may not be very time efficient].

Games: Extremely addictive, complete waste of time  ... guaranteed fun
  • Labyrinth: Labyrinth is a game consisting of a box with a maze on top with holes, and a steel marble. Goal is to try and tilt the playfield to guide the marble to the end of the maze, without letting it fall into any of the holes. Super sound effect, really feels like you are playing the wooden box in your hand.
  • Mathematics Trainer: hones your math skills, trains kids to practise their addition/subtraction..

Here are some cool FREE applications [not my type - but you might find useful]:
  • Bloomberg: read latest news and keep getting depressed any time anywhere
  • Facebook: keep updating and updated about your friends
  • Midomi : music details, search based on tune. Sing it yourself and it finds the original song. [Assuming you sing it close enough to original song]
  • Currency: Foreign Exchange Rates
  • wikipanian: only avoids few clicks and avoids using Safari

Some applications which did not work for me [do not wasye your time on these]:

  • evernote: Improved notes. Freezes my iphone
  • pandora: Online radio. Not allowed in Japan
  • flycast: Online radio. Could not find a good hindi radio station
  • Eventful: keeps you update  about  devents [sports, music] around your place. Good idea but not a thriving site for Japan.
Pocket God : Control the destiny of people [virtual]. You can create people, destroy them and shock them. At first, I found this game really sick. But then a friend explained that he names each character by people he dislikes and takes his frustration out. Now I am convinced that this game is good :-)

To be evaluated:

  • organizer lite
  • eReader
  • Funny: fake an excuse, Private lite
  • Air share
  • ssh, Jadu, audible
  • ping ball game : table tennis

- Evernote
- Twitter apps (TwitterFon, Tweetie, NatsuLiphone etc, my best pick is
- MemStatus (this is not free, but releasing memory/resetting memory
garbage improves performance much)
- Tabelog (heavy, but helpful to locate/search restaurants in Japan)

Multiconvert : converts anything to anything ... very useful if you want to convert ounces to gms or acres to sq feet, or nautical miles to meters.

Quick Graph : for those interested in math ... it graphs any equation you input ... great for the high school or college grads ...

Festival Lite : gives you calendar dates for all major festivals Hindu, Christiam, Muslim, Jewish, Jain etc etc

Grand Lite : Play your piano on the ipod (for fun ... not for the serious ones)

MM Lite : Great memory game for kids ...

AllCountries: gives a quick important statistic lookup for any country.

Glaurung : Simple but well made chess game .. I am an ok chess player .. haven been able to beat this one yet.

Some more sites suggesting apps:

Night Stand -- Clock[Paid]
TicTac Free - game

Linked in
Voice Recorder -- paid
iBowl -- bolwing
Batamya --marathi
Easy Email -- For writing emails and saving templates.


Thanks to Sanjay Deshmukh-san for below: Kotoba - This a free, Japanese to English and English to Japanese dictionary. Advantage of this dictionary is that it also provides the pronunciation (yomikata) in hiragana, a feature in missing traditional electronic dictionaries. Input can be in romaji, hiragana or also by drawing kanji using touchpad. However Kanji recognition is not so impressive. It works offline without need for 3G or wifi connection. Beware however that it wil take up about 65MB of space on your iphone. Quickvoice - This is a free voicerecorder application and seems to be reasonably good.