Fuji Safari Park

If you like zoo then you will surely like fuji safari park. At the entrance of this park we felt like entering the Jurassic Park !!!


We took Tomei express way and got out from susono exit. Just after coming out of the exit check blue colored boards listing all popular places around that exit. Fuji Safari park is written in Kanji and Katakana. Just follow that sign. You will see many such boards ( some small ones on poles ) on the way - keep following those. It's less than 15 Km from susono exit.

Be aware of the animals and traffic jams too:


Still wondering how Fuji Safari park is written in Kanji and Katakana ... See the second line in the green background at the top of below page :

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Thanks to Javed-san for below information

How to go there by Train:

Route 1:

Take Kodama Shinkansen From Tokyo to Mishima.  [ Takes 1 hr ] Take Bus
from Mishima to Fuji Safari Park  [ Take south exit and go to Bus stop
no 2 ] [ Bus Frequency is not that good :
Mishima Station to Fuji Safari Park: 9:10 and 2:30. ] Takes around 50

Taxi: Costs around 6500 - 7000.

Route 2:
Take a Ltd Express romance car from Shinjuku to Gotemba

Shinjuku - Gotemba [ 1hr 45 minutes ride ] Take Bus from Gotemba to Fuji
Safari park [ 35 minutes ]

Following websites for Bus time table and enquiry

Gotemba->Safari Park
After April 6th

Gotemba to any place