Sakura Furusato Square

Good outing for day at Tulip Festival in Chiba. There are lots of food stalls around and vendors were happy to make veggy food for us. There is boating in the nearby river. Tulips are also available for sale.

Is it really worth your time? It depends. In my openion, you can have as much fun in any of your local parks or grounds [also cheaper]. This is one of those things one needs to do to keep family life peaceful.

Comments from Rajendra: It is outside tokyo, so you get that "break" of going outside tokyo where you can see plain land. It has variety of Tulips (for the people who enjoy that part of nature). The best part was - For 600 Yen, they rent you a digger, you can dig and pluck any 6 tulip flowers with their plants (Each sprouted tulip flower has one plant) that you want from the park and take home.

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