Hiroshima Trip

Hiroshima Trip [By anandsagar.s@gmail.com]

After having lunch with my friends in a Japanese restaurant near Yaesu exit of Tokyo station, we were pretty much relaxed. We paid the bill and got out of the restaurant. While crossing the Yaesu exit my sight was caught by the JR's Travel Agency . Now I was really compelled by the thought of going somewhere out. Its not that I don't go very often but recently I have been tired of the routine things and to add to it was my ankle injury. I thought for a minute and told my friends to carry on to the office and I moved in the direction of the Travel Agency. That's how our journey started.

We only had two days prepare but by now Sharu is well prepared to my random and hasty plans. But believe me or not most of the times, if not all, we end up with a successful execution of the plan and with a incentive of time saving.

Anyways, I wont blow my own horns. We decided to go very early on Saturday. We left home at 5:30 am on Saturday and reached pretty early to the Tokyo Station. It took around 4 hours to reach to the Hiroshima. The different thing this time was drinking tea from Thermos. Its not that I am a great fan of tea but using the Thermos brought back my childhood memories. As soon as train started Sharu was surprised as I asked her for the tea and more surprised by seeing I getting a sound sleep pretty soon after drinking the tea.

We reached Hiroshima by 10:30 and took a taxi to go to the Genbaku Dome ( A blast Dome). Sharu took some pictures and we both were kind of depressed looking at the Dome. We read the history written near by the Dome and headed towards Hiroshima Peace Museum. Then we headed to the Miyajima which is considered a holy place in Japan. This is very beautiful Island and the main attraction here is the famous floating torii.

For Visitors:

1. Thinking of trip to Hiroshima?

If you don’t speak Japanese and don’t know much about Japan then I would recommend planning your trip through some popular and reliable tour services such as JTB. A quick search on Internet gave me following tour travel (ps: we do not endorse any travelers)


I usually prefer arranging trip by myself, just because I don’t want any restriction. If I like some spot then I would like to spend more time there rather than spending definite time decided by tour and travelers.

2. History of Blast

You can find very detailed history behind the bomb blast at

1. Wikipedia



You tube ( A blast Dome which is also called Genbaku Dome tribute video)


3. Some pictures of the genbaku dome


4.Access to Genbaku Dome ( A blast Dome)

Hiroshima Map in English (you will get one information center at Hiroshima station )


Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum


Hours: 8:30 - 16:30 (or 17:30) Admission until 18:30 in August
Admission: 50 yen for adults

Hotel information and access information to both genbaku dome and Miyajima


5. History of Miyajima

Miyajima (宮島) is a small island near Hiroshima, Japan. Famed for Itsukushima Shrine and its floating torii, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and officially one of Japan's Top 3 Views, Miyajima is a very popular destination for Japanese and foreign tourists alike….

Please check more info on following link.


6.Map in English

Access to Miyajima

You can find the access to Miyajima at the following link (same link that I provided in point 4)