Matsumoto and Kamikochi [Kita Alps]

We visited Matsumoto and Kamikochi around Mid Oct of 2008. We left from Tokyo by car around 9 AM. We took our lunch break at Suwako parking area on Chuo Express Way. There is very good view of lake from this parking area. We took Nagano express way. Then came out of Matsumoto exit and followed the direction for Matsumoto. We reached Matsumoto castle around 1 PM. We stayed at hotel Buena Vista Matsumoto overnight and left for Kamikochi early morning. Private cars are not allowed in the main tourist spot so we took taxi [4,000-yen one way]. The view of Taisho lake and Kappa Bashi was amazing.


We also enjoyed apple picking on the way back. You can fill in a small bag for around 500-yen. We also found an Indian restaurant Royal Hind near Matsumoto station. Please find their card toward end of this page. Some useful links are: Matsumoto local maps => Kamikochi =>

Some photos: