Komagane is in Nagano prefecture and is famous for breath taking view of Chuo Alps.
Access: Take Chuo Express Way from Tokyo and get out at Komagane exit. It is around 250 KM from Tokyo.

Below is view from Komagane lake:

From Komagane

We need to take a bus from Komagane to Komagatake Rope Way. No personal cars allowed to minimize the pollution. Looking at the narrow road with U-turn like curves all over - I was glad that cars are not allowed. Then the rope way takes us to Seinjyo Jiki Station right at the top of Chuo Alps. The rope way itself is quite an experience. Please do carry extra jackets and goggles. Sun light and snow combination at the top of the mountain makes it very difficult to enjoy the view. The whole ride [bus & rope way] costs around 3,000-yen per head.

From Komagane
From Komagane

We also visited below temple:

From Komagane

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