How to request JLPT Certificates

Big thanks to Mr. Natarajan Dhakshinamoorthy for this article. The JLPT association does not issue certificates automatically since past 5 years. Only the results post card that is all. You can request them for a certificate and the fastest way is below. ———————————————————————-

To get JLPT certificate quickly (ofcourse after passing the exam)

1. Request a Kouza Furikomi form (口座振込み書) from the post office

2. Fill the below contents Account no : 00120-3-577728 Account name : JLPT Amount : \1000 Address : Phone no :

3. Take this form to the POST OFFICE ATM (this can be done only in POST OFFICE ATM)

4. Insert the form in the slot, then check the screen and verify / confirm the information that is read from the form. Deposit the amount.

5. You will get a receipt for your transfer.

6. Take a copy of payment receipt Take a copy of the JLPT results postcard Write your address / telephone number in a plain paper and also mention your request for “Seishiki Shoumeisho” (正式証明書) x 1 copy – Send fax to 03-6212-6565 JLPT application center Nihongo Nouryoku Shiken Uketsuke Senta (日本語能力試験受付センター)

Free Japanese Tutorials

A short video explaining the word Wasureru [to forget]. Included Kanji for Wasureru and how to remember it. There is high chance that you will get back the things you forgot in train. This word will surely come in handy. Kanji for Wasureru contains two parts – heart & missing [die]. Something missing from heart is to forget. Kanji for Wasureru is first kanji in Bonenkai [year end party]. Bonenkai is organized to forget hard feelings of this year and welcome the next year.

Suggestion : If you are going to stay in Japan for a long time you should know Japanese at least for daily use.

  • Cost Effective Way : In every city (Ku) japanese Language lessons are held for foreign residants. To Join those classes you have to contact City office(Ku Office) for the information. Only problem might be the timings. Mostly, these classes are held during week days. There are many volunteers trying to teach Japanese. Please ask for the list at your Ku office.
  • Time Effective Way : There are lots of Language schools located in Tokyo and other big cities. These schools are helpful for learning japanese quickly. These are private organizations and cost varies. Check out the below list – talk to the teachers yourself and decide what suites you best.
Phone No : 03-3366-4717
Fax : 03-3366-4954
Phone No : 03-3333-1111