Moving Checklist

Notice before moving:

  • school (for kids)
  • school for other family members
  • current house
  • current parking
  • register new address @ post so that they will redirect your mail
  • ntt cancel phone[0120-364-463], make sure to ask then to announce your new number
  • internet (ISP)  … in my case OCN [0120-506-506]
  • kids doctor: get certificate and history from doctor so that you can show it at new location
  • contact GAS company
  • contact Elex company
  • contact Water company
  • contact news paper
  • contact movers
  • ku-office for disposing heavy trash

After moving :

  • credit cards
  • bank accounts
  • magzine
  • web site registry
  • car registration change
  • JAF
  • car insurance company
  • driving license
  • cost co etc shopping cards
  • alien registration cards
  • personal contacts
  • office
  • stock brokerage company
  • old house inspection
  • returning keys
  • returning parking card

Professional movers at reasonable price who can speak english:

Reasonably priced mover for small stuff [AKABOU]:

Asia hunter’s Kobayashi-san: click here

Company we sold our car to: G-AFTER:

Companies we took quotes from:

Note down your current home address and phone number in below space (you might forget this sooner than you think):

We had complete 3 months to manage our move. Here is the list of thigs we did:
1. Planned trip to the places we did not visit before eg. Osaka USJ and further south of JP
2. Planned trips to the places we wanted to visit one more time before we leave Japan.
3. Went to ku office to get detailed information regarding local tax and pension.
4. Closing bank accounts ,partialy tranferring funds from Japan to India,changing status etc.
5. Closing credit cards
6. Mobile contracts [got shocked by fine print in softback white plan fees]
7. Giving notice to real estate agent
8. Taking estimates from international movers [Asian tigers was the best]
9. Clearing bills electricity, gas, water
10. Selling stuff in the house. Taking photos putting them on website,asking friends if they need some stuff that you have
11. selling car
12. gift shopping
13. Packing separating things that you need immediately after you reach India eg PC, cloths , important documents,ornaments etc (carry with you) things without which you can manage for few days(sent with shipment), things that you do not need (trash),
14. Throwing soudai gomi, make booking ,buy seals…
15. Air tickets
16. apply for address change in post office so that letter coming to you will be redirected to some friends address.

If your car is in good condition then you can get good price.

  • Go to
  • Go to jidousha section 自動車 from main menu.
  • Click on the 買取 (sell) menu on the top
  • Enter your pin code and click on the button in right
  • Fill up the form  for the car details from maker to small features
  • Select the names of buying companies (Guliver, Orca,g-after) with which you would like to deal. There are around 20 companies and competetion between them is very tough.
  • Clock submit button.
  • Our experience is that just after clicking submit button phone rang.
  • Every one wanted to come first to see the car.
  • keep in mind that keep at least 3 hours of time difference between two appointments
  • Do not decide imediatly with first company because there is high chance of negotiation. Every company asks what the company that came before it quoted.
  • Once you get good quotation then go for that company because then there is very little differnce in next quotes and for that small differnence you will end up wasting your 2-3 hours with each company.
  • Sign the contract
  • Provide required documents ( sigh shomeisho from embassy etc.)
  • Provide your account details and let the person take car asap.Do not use it after deal. So that there is less chance of getting new scratch on the car 🙂