Inviting Folks

Please confirm the procedure with your agent in India as it keeps changing


You will need to provide following papers to your relatives so that they can submit those to Japanese Embassy / Consulate in INDIA along with their passport [Thanks to Saijash for the latest info – Aug 2007]:

1. Invitation Letter (Original, Fax Photo copy not acceptable)

2. Guarantee Letter (Original)

3. Passport (Copy Include the Visa Page as well).

4. Alien Registration Card’s (Copy)

5. Alien Registration Certificate (Original) Torokukenpiokesaijiko Shomeisho

6. Muncipal Tax Certificate (Original) Kazei Shomeisho

7. Employment Certificate & Withholding Tax Ceterficate from your company (Original)

8. Visa Form

9. Covering letter signed by applicant.

10. Confirmed Return Ticket (Itinerary is not enough) Template for Invitation Letter and Guarantee Letter is available here.
Garantee Letter – Sample Format

    • Date : yyyy-mm-dd
    • To : The Ministry of Justice, JAPAN


    • From :

Dear Sir/Madam

I, the undersigned, will like to invite my relatives, Mr ….. to Japan. I hereby guarantee that I will provide all logistic support while their stay in Japan. They will be staying with me. I guarantee that they will abide by Japanese Laws.

Thanking you in advance.
Your’s sincerely,

Name :

My Passport Details :
Number :
Issue Date :
Issued At :
Expiry Date :

Alien Registration Card Number :

  • Copy of all important pages of your passport
  • Copy of both sides of your Foreigner’s Registration Card (write down the Card number by pen if it does not come clearely in photocopy)
  • Employment Letter(from your company)
  • Withholding Tax Ceterficate(from your company)
  • Try to get booking for direct flight for elderly relatives
  • Ask them to get some foreign exchange from India in case of emergency during travel.

Overseas Medical Insurance

Get best possible overseas medical insurance. Try to cover all possibilities. Also ask your relatives to undergo medical check up and treatments before coming here. Ask them to get their usual medicines from India.


Keeping luggage at Narita during short stay

Baggage service: