Hair Cut

Hair Cut is normally a costly deal in Japan. Some of the neighborhood shops cost around 3,500-yen.

How about a decent haircut only for 1000-yen ? And it takes just 10 minutes !!! They simply do not have time to chat with you in Nihongo. No more “Ahhaaaa Indo-jin desu ka !!!”. They simply come to the point right away and you will be out in 10 minutes. If you like the idea try visiting QB House. This is not just for men, ladies are welcome too.

Do not forget to carry 1000-yen note. Other notes might not work in the vending machine. Buy the card first from vending machine and give it when your number is called. After the haircut you can keep the comb if you want !!! That’s a saving of 100-yen !!! That means effective cost is just 900-yen.

You can find QB House at many places. We went to one near Kawasaki station. You can locate a QB House near your place by browsing their web site. Now there is competition in this market sector !!! Introducing Mc Barbers. I visit Mc Barbers near Sumiyoshi station [Just out side B1 exit] .