Driving in Japan is very easy … and getting license is very difficult. Wondering if these two things are related.You can drive by using International Driving Permit(IDP) or Japanese license. Rules for IDP are vague and 50% of the IDP users are not 100% sure if their IDP is valid as per Japanese law. IDP is out of scope for this article. Click here to check out what
US embassy in Tokyo has to say about IDP.

There are two ways to get Japanese license –

    • Convert the Indian driving license into Japanese license.

Click here to know detailed procedure for this.
If your license can be converted to Japanese one, start talking to a driving school for some lessons.
If you do not mind going to the driving center 5-10 times on week days for tests –
please go ahead and skip the driving lessons.

    • Directly apply for Japanese driving license

GO AND JOIN A DRIVING SCHOOL !!! It will cost you money and time but we still recommend you this approach.
If you do not believe us – talk to your friends and then decide. If you believe in planned approach – then this is
the way to go. Applying for driving license without lessons and help from driving school is extremely uncertain.

Driving schools around Tokyo

If you know
Nihongo then there are plenty of driving schools. If not, welcome to the club. We attended Koyama Driving School.
It’s a very good school with professional english speaking instructors and other staff.
Their time management is perfect. They will prepare lesson schedule based on your requirements.
They will make sure that a bilingual staff is always there to help you. Also, most of the tests are conducted on week ends. By the way, if you tell them “Prachi Pimpalkhare informed me about your school” you will get few thousand yen off . At the same time, I will also get gift coupons worth few thousand yen !!!

Recently we learned about Ogikubo driving school . This school also conducts lessons in English. It is lot cheaper than Koyama. The only problem the driving test is not conducted by the school itself. So you will need to go to test center – and that’s frustrating.