Here is a quote from Evan Esar to motivate you to play cricket or any other sport: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy … and Jill a rich widow. The only thing you need to start a cricket team in Tokyo is enthusiastic friends. Everything else will fall in place after that.

We really look forward to play on week ends. The games are really competitive. Sometimes we get so much stressed at the ground that team members are advised to use stress reducing techniques such as working in the office.

Many years ago we played cricket in Kiba park. Then we moved to Kawasaki so started near the river banks. Then we moved near Higashi ojima so started playing in Higashi-Ojima park. We were not allowed to play in Higashi-Ojima park after 9:00 AM. So we started playing at 6:45 AM and finished by 9:00 AM. We started with one bat, now we have at least 5 bats and an extra set of stumps. Now we have moved to a ground near Edogawa/Koiwa station.

Interested in playing? Please visit our site at . Please request for membership. Specify your full name and any other details. Hope to see you there. Be ready for a stressful week end. [Thanks to Chandan for this info: Dial 03-3673-4622 to know if we are allowed to play at the Edogawa ground. When we dial at this number, the auto-reply informs the current status in Japanese.]

You may have to visit orthopedic hospitals once in a while … here is one we had great experience with:

Below is the location:


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Please find blank score sheet here Team Ojima


Team Toyo

Respected Chandu Borde at GIIS Tokyo [Aniruddha Pimpalkhare at his left and Yogesh Sharma at right]

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