Car Repair

Car Repair at reasonable cost

Fixing your car is costly in Japan. Four years ago, we bought our Nissan Sunny for around 400,000-yen from a Nissan used car shop. On one of those bad days, while parking, we made a huge dent on the back side. We visited many garages around Tokyo. We were told that it will take around 120,000-yen to fix it. Now that did not make sense. Our car was already 9 years old at this time. A 9-year old Nissan Sunny would cost around 100,000-yen or less. We almost decided to give away the car we loved and get another one. But buying new one meant many hassles like registration, talking to insurance company and so on. So buying new one was not a obvious choice as well.

Then our friend Niranjan Gadgil told us about NITO. We stopped by at their branch near Higashi-Ojima for estimate. Their estimate was 40,000-yen !!! We opted for fixing our car instead of buying another one. Their service is very professional. We are completely satisfied with the way they fixed our car.