Deciding place of birth : Home country or Japan ?

  • Compare check up procedures, technology, cleanliness
  • Compare Cost, Insurance, Allowance
  • Compare help available before and after birth

Formalities after Birth

Abhishek and Mahendra gave me below information. These set of documents helped me a lot and I am sure it will help you too.

Formalities after Birth

  • Birth certificate: Take at least 3 orginal “Notification of Birth” certificates from hospital. I had to submit one at Indian embassy, one for visa and one for getting 360,000
  • Go to your ku-office and show them the birth certificate. Take your wife’s passport and Alien card to all these places. You might need to show it. At Ku-office, they will add the name of new born in family registry and also give you Alien Card. Also, check with ku-office if they have any other facilities. For example in our Koto-ku we get special insurance card and 20,000-yen worth coupons for second kid. Also get the birth certificate from the ward office
  • Passport – see separate section below
  • You will receive 360,000-yen per kid (please keep the receipts for all the checkups, just in case they are required)
  • Visa – has to be applied within 30 days of birth (its possible to apply for the visa simultaneously with the new passport application). Visa application processing usually takes between 3 to 4 weeks by the immigration office, and you should obtain the passport during this timeframe.

Procedure for getting passport at Indian Embassy . Download related forms from this website.

  • 5 copies of baby’s photograph
  • parents passport copies and oroginals
  • birth certificate
  • request letter from father ( see sample format below )
  • application form (avail. at embassy)
  • consent letter from mother.

Fill all below forms as well and take to embassy: