Travel Agents in Japan

Travel Industry is in big trouble these days. We have heard a case where a money was accepted but no tickets were issued. This agency filed for bankrupcy immediately after that. Yes, this happened in Tokyo !!! We have removed that agent’s name from list provided below. This was a good agency and we had bought tickets from them at least twice before. For the curious ones : send us a mail, leave your number, and we can disclose name of the agency to you. Sorry but we won’t name the names to COA.

Suggestion : Give money only after receiving tickets. Visit the travel agency’s office to get the tickets. Give them cash on the spot once they give you tickets. Also, call up as many agents as possible and compare the prices. List of all airlines that are landing to Narita with their contact details

 Japan Communication (ATW Tour)
Phone Number : Mr. Pandey(o)03-3843-0971 FAX: 03-3843-0973
 Good Luck
Phone Number : Mr. Rajesh Kumar (o)03-5777-8513 (m) 090 4008 3160
 NO 1 Travel
Phone Number : 03-3986-4291
 Air 1 Travel
Phone Number : 03-5919-0199
 Hit Travel
Phone Number : 03-3473-9040
 Across Travel
Phone Number : 03-5467-0077
 Beyond Travel
Phone Number : 03-5358-3177
 GS Travel
Phone Number : 06-6281-1230
 STA Travel
Phone Number : 03-5391-2888
 Ikon Travel
Phone Number : 03-3401-5304
 Four Seasons Travel
Phone Number : 03-5907-5220
 Active Tour
Phone Number : 03-3780-1238
 Japan Bali Tours (Indonesia Only)
Phone Number : 03-3502-0788
 Travel Hero Corporation
Phone Number : 03-3555-5888
 Jump In Tour
Phone Number : 03-5963-7311
 Just Travel
Phone Number : 03-3362-3441
Phone Number : 03-3352-5200
 Affinity Travel
Phone Number : 03-5474-6233
Phone Number : 03-3233-8861
 AirNet Travel
Phone Number : 03-54565677
 Success TRC
Phone Number : 03-5659-6330
 Sankei Tourist
Phone Number : 03-3564-3505